Procedures : Renting out your property

Renting out your property in Curacao?

And looking for reliable tenants? Dushi Homes regulates that professionally for you and goes a few steps further.
We know from our own experience how it feels to rent out your own property, to give away a piece of yourself when it comes to your property trust is a very important aspect. Your property is a particular object. That is why we treat your property as if it is our own property, but with all the comforts and advantages for you as an owner. We supervise the entire process for you from the first take-in and key transfer to the final delivery.

That is what we call hassle-free and reliable rental!

A reliable tenant

Dushi Homes focuses on international candidates who temporarily or permanently live in Curacao. We apply a very careful procedure to the tenants for your property from our database. So potential tenants are checked on their financial situation, personal circumstances, rent behavior from the past and current working documents all this to let your property hassle-free.

What does Dushi Homes offer you?

  • Create a professional presentation of your property

  • Presenting your property to the right target group

  • Selection and screening the right tenants

  • Viewing with prospect tenants

  • Signing lease agreement

  • Keys transfer

  • monthly collection of the rent

  • monthly payment of the rent to owner

  • interim control of the house and tenants

  • 24/7 available for tenants and their questions

  • Final cleaning

  • Airco service

  • Final delivery of the property

  • Financial reporting


If you are just in need of suitable tenant and taking care for the property management yourself then we calculate 1 month rent as a fee based on a minimum 1 year lease if the lease is less than 12 month the calculation will be calculated per ratio with a minimum of NAF 1000 ex. O.B.

If you would like to use all our services mentioned above then we charge an additional fee of 10% per month of the rental income and you will receive your rent from Dushi Homes on each 5th working day of the month. In this way you can hassle free rent out.


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