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Property inspections are the first service we offered years ago and is designed to let clients know what’s going on with their house for each booking.  Today it is a cornerstone service in our Property Management program with a very functional focus of preparing the home for guests, constantly evaluating the property for needed maintenance, managing keys and access, inventory monitoring, and evaluating for guest damage after departure.  Effectively, you will be able to know what is going on with your house without having to visit it yourself.  This service is available for all homeowners on Curacao and Aruba.

Our property inspection service includes two inspections with each booking: one before (pre-inspection) and one after (post-inspection) the guests’ stay at your vacation rental.

Pre-Inspection Responsibilities (day of arrival):

  • Ensure cleaning service has done their job (courtesy call to them if not), manicure walkways – clearing dust, pine needles, and other debris for clean presentation
  • Stage lights and turn AC on to pleasantly/safely accommodate guests
  • Key and property access management – ensure access for guests works and keys are in place
  • Evaluate items and basic inventory in home and report any items needing replacing or attention.  We check general inventory, kitchen inventory such as glassware, dinnerware, etc. to ensure sufficient inventory for guests.
  • Ensure home is cleaned well, and 100% ready for your arriving guests
  • Frequently change the lock box code to prevent unauthorized access to your property.  (We can also install these per request!)

Post Inspection Responsibilities (day of checkout):

  • Key / access management – ensure all keys are accounted for, change codes as needed
  • Thoroughly evaluate entire vacation rental for damage attributable to guests
  • Thoroughly evaluate property upkeep and maintenance needs from carpet cleaning, touch up painting, handy man repairs, etc.
  • Monitor all light bulbs and replace common bulbs
  • Replace grill brushes, grill lighters, basic batteries, and exterior ashtrays
  • Secure the house, making sure all windows and doors are closed and locked, lights off, and AC set to a safe modus


Any noteworthy items, issues, and findings will be reported to you in a timely manner for your use in recovering costs from guest security deposit, and generate a maintenance to-do-list for the vacation rental property.  We pride ourselves in consistent, reliable, and thorough communication – and any reports will include clear, useable pictures to help you literally see what is going on in your vacation rental property.

Routine Property Inspections For Absentee Homeowners:

For absentee owners wanting piece of mind their home is okay, secure, and being looked after (whether renting it commercially or not) Dushi Homes offer a routine property inspection service.  Typically done anywhere from once per week, to once per month – we create a customized inspection service for you and your home looking after specific items at your property as frequently as you’d like.  This is a common service for absentee owners not renting their home (or renting homes with long vacancy periods) and needing confidence their prized investment is safe and secure.

The Cost:

Dushi Homes is very flexible property management and rental service company ! please contact us for an estimate that fits your needs.


To make it as easy as possible for you, there are several ways to contact us.

  • Call our office, you can always call our office between office hours. Our office hours are between 9-5 on Monday till Friday and 10-14 on Saturday.
  • Send an email, you can always send an email to , we will always answer your email as soon as possible.
  • Call one of our agents, you can always call one of our agents. If you speak Dutch of English it is best to call Adriaan (+59996862994), if you prefer Spanish, Papiamento or English you can call Lisette (+59996882565)
  • Visit our office, we have an office located in Vinik plaza at the Sta. Rosaweg #89. In office hours you can always step by for questions, or you can make an appointment.
  • Outside office hours you can call +59996862994, at nighttime we request you to only call for emergencies.
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