Maintenance : Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our purpose is to deliver services which will lead to a happy tenant and a happy home owner. The tenant and home owner both have terms and conditions which are described in the rental agreement.

One of the points of interests is good and timely maintenance. You as a owner can use our services to prevent overdue maintenance.

  • When there is a defect within a vacation rental, these defects needs to be repaired the same day.
  • Within a long term rental defects needs to be repaired within 1 - 2 workdays.
  • Defects of the airconditioning or the refrigerator need to be repaired the same day depeding on the urgency.

When you want to do the mainenance yourself or through a third party you need to take the above mentioned conditions in mind.

We offer the following services, these activities will be done regularly.


Studio or 1 bedroom accomodation Naf. 100
2 bedroom accomodation Naf. 150
3 bedroom accomodation Naf. 175
4-6 bedroom accomodation Naf. 225


For small maintenance or replacement of the inventory we charge Naf 40,- per hour wage.

For paintwork or other big maintenance we offer you a quotation with a deposit of 50% before the activities, a 25% payment during the activities and the other 25% payment after the activities.

Air conditioning services:

yearly cleaning:

9000 BTU Naf.125
12000 BTU Naf. 140
18000 BTU Naf. 150
24000 BTU Naf. 175

Pestcontrol, Garden service, Pool service, Poperty inspection service :

Quatation will be customized.


For the requery of quatations or inspections/ intakes there will be a call fee of Naf. 75







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