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Dushi Homes Cleaning Services take care of the cleaning of your properties. Depending and suitable for your preferences our cleaning staff will take over the cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore and you can fully relax.

Our story

Dushi Homes organizes and guarantees the cleaning of all of the properties. All properties get cleaned before the check in and after the check out, so all properties will always be yield completely clean. We take the hard work out of cleaning by doing it for you!
With over 10 year of cleaning experience, Dushi Homes Cleaning Services, has the experience to ensure your project is

installed according to specifications, in a timely manner and with care and respect for your property.

Our crew

Our crew works consist out of regular cleaning staff, who work with general cleaning instructions. If it still prevents that something is not clean enough, we always send a cleaner back to clean it right away. We also carry out controls at the quality of the cleaning. There even is a possibility for an interim cleaning on request. Our cleaning staff is outmost professional, time conscious and confidentially, it is not even necessary to stay home for the cleaning. They are working with special selected cleaning supplies, to prevent (allergic) reactions.

Customer focused

We do not only provide high quality, expert cleaning professional, we are also focused on providing exceptional customer service. Our number 1 priority is making sure that you are happy with your project, besides everyone likes their property clean and even more if it gets cleaned. We are also very focused on your well-being, for example the pool gets checked every week for the PH and salt values. This is very important because exceptional high or low values can be harmful, since we check them every week you can swim in peace.

Our Services

Dushi Homes Cleaning Service offers a full range of daily/weekly residential and commercial maintenance services, including:


Please call Dushi Homes Cleaning Service to schedule your free in-home estimate. We offer a flat-rate pricing for our weekly, biweekly, or monthly residential cleaning service. Whether you choose one of our teams or an individual, we always furnish all necessary equipment and supplies. Our residential service is available Monday through Friday with flexible hours. Our goal is to complete each job to the client’s satisfaction. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, simply call within 24 hours of your scheduled cleaning and we will gladly come back and correct the problem free of charge.

Here is a list of our general cleaning; however, we can alter the list to meet your specific needs.

Living Areas/Bedrooms

Remove all cobwebs

  • Dust all furniture (includes all items left out on furniture)
  • Dust woodwork (i.e., baseboards, windowsills, doors)
  • Dust picture frames, miniblinds, and ceiling fans
  • Clean glass tables, glass cabinets (exterior only), and entrance glass doors
  • Vacuum all carpet and hard surface floors
  • Mop all hard surface floors (upon request)
  • Empty trash containers
  • Change linens


  • Dust all woodwork and light fixtures
  • Wash all mirrors
  • Disinfect tub and/or shower
  • Disinfect toilet (inside & out)
  • Disinfect sink and countertop (removing any items left out)
  • Vacuum and mop linoleum or tile floor
  • Empty trash containers


  • Dust all woodwork and furniture
  • Disinfect sink, countertop, and backsplash (removing any items left out)
  • Disinfect exterior appliances (i.e., stovetop, oven, refrigerator, microwave)
  • Spot clean cabinet faces
  • Vacuum and mop hard surface floors
  • Empty trash containers


Dushi Homes Cleaning Service offers also deep cleaning on a one-time or as needed basis . Both flat rate and hourly rate pricing is available for this service.

Some of the specialty items that we cover include:

  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning (steam cleaning method)
  • Window cleaning (interior & exterior)
  • Floor stripping & waxing (VCT)
  • Interior appliance cleaning (refrigerator, oven, etc.)
  • Light fixture washing
  • Woodwork washing (baseboards, doors, door frames, windowsills, cabinets)
  • Air return/vent washing


Dushi Homes Cleaning Service works for many of the areas’ most respected custom builders, as well as the large industrial contractors. We take pride in doing quality work in a timely manner. We offer competitive pricing, proof of insurance, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. References are available from both local and out of Island contractors upon request. Please call and we’ll be happy to schedule an estimate for all your new construction cleaning needs.


Dushi Homes Cleaning Service offers a thorough move-out cleaning for empty homes and/or apartments. We have flexible hours, including weekends and evenings, to accommodate your move-in or move-out date. Please ask about our hourly rate, which is available exclusively for your move-out cleaning needs.


To make it as easy as possible for you, there are several ways to contact us.

  • Call our office, you can always call our office between office hours. Our office hours are between 9-5 on Monday till Friday and 10-14 on Saturday.
  • Send an email, you can always send an email to , we will always answer your email as soon as possible.
  • Call one of our agents, you can always call one of our agents. If you speak Dutch of English it is best to call Adriaan (+59996862994), if you prefer Spanish, Papiamento or English you can call Lisette (+59996882565)
  • Visit our office, we have an office located in Vinik plaza at the Sta. Rosaweg #89. In office hours you can always step by for questions, or you can make an appointment.
  • Outside office hours you can call +59996862994, at nighttime we request you to only call for emergencies.
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