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24/7 service

Dushi Homes offers a twenty-four/seven service. In our case, this means that our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 24/7 service is very important to us, because we really want you to be as pleased as possible. We think it is important when any unexpected problems pass by, you can contact us so we can try to fix it for you. We managed to realize this service with several ways of communication.

Our story

Dushi Homes strives for your stay or our collaboration to be as pleasant as possible. So our 24 / 7 service is something we attach much value at. With our 10 year experience we noticed that if any unpleasant situations occur, it is important to fix them as soon as possible. In case of any unexpected problems, we want to be reachable for you at any time.

Our crew

Our crew is dedicated to make your stay at our beautiful island unforgettable. Despite we are pretty confident about the fact that visiting this enchantingly island will be unforgettable anyway, we think it is our job to make your stay unforgettable as well. Our crew consist agents who will do everything to find the best fitting options, but also cleaners, pool maintenance, gardeners, etc. who will make sure you will feel like home at your stay in one of our residences.

Customer focused

Like said here before, our number one priority is for you to have a stay as pleasant and relaxed as possible. We think our 24/7 service can help you realize this. Because you can always contact us, we can try to fix the problem as soon as possible. So you don’t have to wait long hours before you can inform us about the problem. Besides, it is possible to check in and check out at any time.


To make it as easy as possible for you, there are several ways to contact us.

  • Call our office, you can always call our office between office hours. Our office hours are between 9-5 on Monday till Friday and 10-14 on Saturday.

  • Send an email, you can always send an email to , we will always answer your email as soon as possible.

  • Call one of our agents, you can always call one of our agents. If you speak Dutch of English it is best to call Adriaan (+59996862994), if you prefer Spanish, Papiamento or English you can call Lisette (+59996882565)

  • Visit our office, we have an office located in Vinik plaza at the Sta. Rosaweg #89. In office hours you can always step by for questions, or you can make an appointment.

  • Outside office hours you can call +59996862994, at nighttime we request you to only call for emergencies.

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