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Your Planning

Flight Ticket

  •  Please check your airline tickets for your departure time


  • The local currency on the island is the Antillean Guilder (ANG) but U.S. Dollars are widely accepted.
  • The exchange rate of US$ 100,- is ANG 177,-
  • Not all stores accept US $50 and $100
  • Curacao has ATM machines all over the island and you'll find the first ones right at Curacao Airport
  • No need to travel with a lot of cash money on you!


  • If you have a medical condition or specific ailment, make sure you bring adequate medicines, lotions, pills etc. as these may not be available abroad (or have the recognized brand names).
  • If your condition is serious, it may be necessary to carry a letter from your Doctor confirming your fitness to travel.

Prepare for the sun

The sun is very bright on Curacao, especially between 12 and 3 PM.

So protect your self with proper clothes, sun block and sunglasses!

Curacao Information


Is located in the south-western part of the Caribbean The island is just 70 km from the coast of South America ( Venezuela ) . It takes about two-and-a-half hours by air from Miami, Florida and within easy flying distance of other U.S. cities it is a 9 hour flight from Amsterdam.


The time in Curacao is Atlantic Standard Time.


Curacao has about 150,000 people. Its population is made up of an international mixture of people (110 different nationalities). Their ancestry is a mix claiming Caquetio Indian, African and European roots. Very friendly and cosmopolitan.


Curacao's national language is the Papiamento. However, the people speak many languages including English, Dutch and Spanish.


Curacao enjoys consistently mild temperatures. There is no major rainy season. The ocean temperature is around 82 all year long. January thru March is the most popular time to visit. During Carnival, just before Lent, the island has parades, festivities and parties. For a more relaxed atmosphere and less crowds, it is recommended that your visit in mid-April through September.

Drinking Water

There is no need to buy bottled water in Curacao, the island's tap water is pure and refreshing.

Calling Curacao

The international dialing code for Curacao is 5999. Area codes do not exist in Curacao.


Grocery shopping: Monday – Saturday 0800am – 0800pm + Sunday 0900am – 0100pm

Most stores: Monday – Saturday 0900am – 1800pm, Sunday closed.


Curacao is not in the hurricane belt. On very few occasions there may be inclement weather for a couple of days as a result of a hurricane in other parts in the Caribbean. In such rare cases it is obvious we cannot be responsible for the weather, such as strong ocean currents or rain.



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